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Common Grounds

Art Direction:

Abby Guido


Austen Hart


This was a completely self-authored project that I designed for my senior thesis.


Common Grounds is a coffee company that brings coffee drinking traditions from around the world to any coffee lover so that they can share in the universal experience of this drink. Coffee is consumed in different ways around the world, so instead of focusing on different roasts, Common Grounds sells coffee based on how it is prepared and served in 5 different countries. The packaging uses different patterns that are inspired by textiles or art from the country of origin. Each type of coffee is a set that uses special brewing devices or ingredients to prepare, which makes the drink unique. Everything you need can be found on the e-commerce site that was designed for the brand. Coffee enthusiasts can go on the site to order coffee beans and accessories individually, or as a convenient gift set. The site also has brand merchandise available for purchase and a blog with post that include things like detailed information about sourcing the coffee.

Restaurant Identity Overall shot