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Create anything to promote gender empathy. It can be a poster series, video, app, guerrilla campaign, etc.


The focus of this project is on aiding the growing number of fathers who choose to stay home with their families, while also de-stigmatizing the practice and supporting them when and if they choose to return to the office.
More women are pursuing their career goals and becoming the main source of income for families, which means more men are choosing to leave their careers to raise the children. Society assumes that the mother is the primary care taker which can make it frustrating for dads who stay home or are single parents. Men who have been home for an extended period of time also find it very difficult to re-enter the job market.
This phone app assists fathers in taking care of their children while also helping to keep them confident in their role as stay-at-home dads and prepare them when they are ready to return to their field of work, years later.
Art Direction: Dermot Mac Cormack