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Create a logo for a summer camp run by The Academy of Natural Sciences. Design an informational booklet for the weekly camp themes as well as a branding standards book.


The ambiguity of the name made me wonder about the kinds of “creatures” a child might encounter while out on the trail, inspiring me to use various animal eyes in the identity that peer through the letterforms and illustrations. The eyes are incorporated into the logo in a playful way, then they make their way into the illustrations of the booklet, peering back at the reader through the plants and science gear. The illustrations come across as fun and friendly for children without being overly juvenile for the parents.
Art Direction: Francheska Guererro

Shirts were designed for the kids to wear during the week and enamel pins of different eyes for completion of a camp theme.

The microsite allows users to sign up and learn about the various themes offered. The responsive design adjusts for different screens.